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Get into golf and reduce your stress!

On 16th April 2019, we recognise National Stress Awareness Day which is a great opportunity to take a moment to think about our mental health and wellbeing. I’ve been playing golf since a young age of 7 and for the majority of my experience I never really considered golf as being a form of stress relief.

Whether I’m at the driving range with my headphones in submerged in this week’s practice routine, having a quick 9 holes with friends at the local club or playing a competitive round, it is amazing how golf can make me feel refreshed, positive and vitalised.

Here are just some benefits you will get from spending some quality time on the golf course this summer:

Physical Exercise

It is commonly known that physical exercise helps release stress and has positive benefits on mental health. During a round of golf, you will be spending an extended amount of time taking part in low intensity cardiovascular exercise. During 18 holes, you will walk an average of 4 miles and when you add this to the stretching and swinging you do out there – it makes up for a pretty good workout.


Golf is a sport where you are introduced to new people almost every time you play. It is a great way to build new relationships meet new friends and give you a feeling of inclusiveness. Very often single players are paired with other groups on busier days and in competitions, a random draw will have you playing with different players of different abilities.

 Enjoy Nature

Science has proven that being outdoors is good for your health. Spending time on the golf course and amongst nature gives you a great opportunity to breathe in the fresh air, spend some time in a relaxed and tranquil environment, gain some vitamin D from the sun and improve your emotional wellbeing.

Mental Exercise

One of my favourite parts of golf and part of the reason I always go back to the game is the tactical, strategic and critical thinking I do when I’m out there. Golf is not just about swinging the club and hoping for the best, there is the constant strive to do better and to achieve this there is a need to focus on and visualise shots. Whether playing or practicing, not only does your body get a good workout but your brain does too.


The main reason us golfers play golf! Whether you’ve just broke your personal record and want to go and repeat it or you’ve had a pretty bad round and can’t wait to go back to redeem yourself – there’s a form of enjoyment and achievement you get from golf which I feel you don’t get in any other sport.

If none of this has convinced you that golf can help decrease stress levels, you may feel like it’s a game that is too serious, we’d advise you to come along and spend an hour or so at Trafford Golf Centre. What relieves stress more than going down to your local driving range, picking up a big stick and trying to hit a ball as hard as you possibly can 😉 ?

To book a golf assessment lesson with Tom today, for just £40 for one hour, call: 0161 749 7000



Posted on April 16, 2019