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Play your best in a cross wind.

I think it’s fair to say that most people don’t particularly like playing golf in the wind…

But if you can be a solid player when the breeze is blowing, you’ll have a big advantage over your colleagues and competitors.

In this article  we’ll look at specific tips for playing golf in the wind – both cross winds and head winds.

I believe that most club golfers struggle in the wind because they simply don’t account for how much even a relatively gentle breeze can affect the flight of their golf ball.

A lot of the golfers I meet assume there has to be an almost gale-like head wind before they need to take an extra club. Rarely if ever would they consider taking 3 extra clubs.

And they either forget, or don’t realise, that the wind has a greater effect on the ball at the top of its flight. They only pay attention to how the wind feels around their ball, not remembering to check how it’s blowing around the tops of trees or the flag ahead.



Posted by - October 22, 2014