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golf tips 55flat shaft angle 1. steep shaft angle 2. Correct shaft angle 3. Elite Golf Coaches Chris Fletcher & Andy Carter based at Trafford Golf Centre, with another simple drill to help you be in the correct position halfway in the backswing.
An issue we find with a lot of our clients is having the correct position half way in the backswing.  Here is a simple indicator to help you have a good start to your backswing.
(PIC 1) shows the golf club shaft angle is too flat, which can equate to an open clubface at impact, and the ball pushing and slicing.  If you don’t take divots, this could be a reason why.
(PIC 2) shows the golf club shaft angle is too steep, which can lead to lack of forearm rotation in the backswing, equaling lack of power/clubhead speed.  The ballflight could be a pull with a deep divot.
(PIC 3) The shaft is on plane with good hand hindge and forearm rotation.  This will allow for a better chance of completing a good backswing on plane, and having the club return square at impact.
KEY CHECK POINTS – When next at the driving range take the club up halfway in your backswing.  Either have a friend or mirror to check positions.  
1. The shaft should pass through the middle of your upper arm.  
2. The butt of the golf grip should aim towards the golf ball.
Try it next time your at the golf range.  Let us know if it helped your golf game via our social media platforms.
To Book a Golf Assessment with Chris/Andy please call 0161 749 7000.


Posted by - April 19, 2016